Speech-Language Disorders ~ Dyslexia ~ ADHD ~ Learning Disabilities ~ Autism

The Assisted Learning Center fills a critical gap in the educational system. Schools serve the needs of the majority, but in education, one size does not fit all. If your child is different from the rest, he or she may not receive the help necessary to reach full potential. We combine proven and effective programs to provide targeted help for individuals with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Speech and Language Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. By combining the latest developments in special education and neuroscience applications, we offer the best educational resources available.

In addition, we provide tailored peak performance programs designed to lower stress and reduce anxiety. Limited resources, time-pressure and a highly competitive environment can make it difficult for individuals or corporations to develop and maintain excellence. Through the use of proven, research-driven products, we help create work environments that have less stress, better communication and improved employee health.

We offer the help you have been looking for, but until today, could never find

Our core programs, including Fast ForWord, Lexercise, Neurofeedback and HeartMath, are research driven, scientifically validated and field tested. These products are endorsed by health departments and educational advocacy groups worldwide, including the U.S. Department of Education. Click on the logos below for more information about our programs.

Language and Literacy:

FastForWord Language and Literacy Fast ForWord® uses neurologically designed research to create an intervention like no other, which targets the underlying foundational issues that challenge children and young adults with Language Disorder, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorders. Fast ForWord builds the cognitive, language and literacy skills necessary to become effective and efficient learners. Through an integrated set of computer-based exercises, this scientifically validated and patented software can deliver a two-year reading and cognitive gain in as little as eight weeks. Combined with data-driven educational content, it adapts to a student’s skill level so students are continually challenged rather than being frustrated by tasks that are too difficult, or bored with tasks that are too easy.

Proven Stress Management and Coherence Program

Heart Stress Management Stress is silent and pervasive. Constant and continued stress is a major factor to poor scholastic results, examination anxiety, increased medical cost and loss of productivity. But, although it is a known problem, it is largely ignored. Given today’s education environment, accelerating change and unpredictability, how do you maintain readiness and top performance without losing your balance, health and effectiveness? Since 1991, HeartMath has been the leading program that effectively reduces the negative effects of stress and, at the same time, increases a person’s ability to live, study and work more productively. We will help you get into that performance zone by using the HeartMath tools, equipment and training programs.


Neuro feedback Neurofeedback is a powerful and effective intervention which trains the brain to self-regulate. Our BCIA-certified Neurofeedback Therapists use only the most advanced equipment and knowledge base. Neurofeedback normalizes brain activity through direct training. Clients are shown clear pictorial images of their brains in action, and are taught how to self-regulate fundamental cognitive processes. Neurofeedback is successfully used with ADHD, anxiety disorders, sleep problems and learning disabilities. NFB can also help some autistic spectrum clients. During NFB, brainwave activity from the cerebral cortex is measured on the surface of the scalp. The brainwave signals are processed by specialized computer programs which break the complex signal into frequency bands. Each band has its own function, and the right balance is needed for good mental health.

As the brain self-regulates, it reduces reliance on prescription medications

When children take stimulants, the effects last a few hours. As the medicine wears off, the ADHD symptoms return. When children learn to control their brain waves during neurofeedback, ADHD symptoms gradually disappear. This improvement is permanent. There have been follow-up studies over a decade. Any gains the child makes stays with him.

This means that successful treatment works for life

Our Commitment

Through the judicious use of efficient, proven science and technology, there will truly be NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Trust our experience and put it to work for you.